“Vitality NP Services’ mission is to offer health care facilities premier acute and chronic medical management services, to assist in reducing hospitalizations and to prevent and treat chronic illnesses. We aspire to create a cost effective, high quality medical management model which encourages a higher level of clinical care and better health outcomes.”


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Recognizing the industry need for a truly unique approach to care, designed to address the multiple dimensions of prevention and recovery, Vitality offers three unique programs to fulfill your facility’s needs

Part Time NP Coverage

The placement of a highly trained part time NP fulfills a complementary role to that of your nursing staff.   Part time services: Addresses acute

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Full time NP Coverage

The integration of a Vitality skilled NP, enhances the quality of your care by focusing on care interventions and prevention with a proven outcome of

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24 hour Medical Coverage

Through integrating the full time NP coverage and partnering with medical remote consultation services, we enable your facility to have 24 hour medical

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Our Benefits

Vitality fulfills the role of creating a cost effective, high quality medical management model, providing efficient on-site patient care and a comprehensive preventative program.

Re-admission Reduction

Through our cost effective, high quality preventative program, Vitality is well positioned to provide early intervention and follow up care with better health outcomes.

Re-admission Reduction

Assisting your facility in ensuring that patients remain in the facility will positively impact your income and bottom line and allow you to focus on growing your census.


Our team of practitioners form a personal relationship with your residents, their families, your staff and physicians.


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